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Maynard Dixon paintings, watercolors, pastels, drawings, poetry, and illustrations are all represented at  Maynard Dixon books, poetry, paintings, and Maynard Dixon ephemera as well as ever changing online Maynard Dixon information can be found on this informational Maynard Dixon site.  We are currently helping compile Maynard Dixon paintings, watercolors, and drawings for the Maynard Dixon Catalog Raisonne. is seeking Maynard Dixon paintings. 

Dr. Mark Sublette a Maynard Dixon expert will evaluate Maynard Dixon paintings, watercolors, and drawings for potential submission to the Maynard Dixon Catalog Raisonne currently under way by Donald J. Hagerty author of Desert Dreams the Art and Life of Maynard Dixon.  Maynard Dixon prices, including Maynard Dixon’s highest prices for paintings, are updated as they occur. 

The Tucson Maynard Dixon Museum located inside Mark Sublette Medicine Man Gallery is dedicated to the Life Work of Maynard Dixon.   Many rare Maynard Dixon life works can be seen at the Maynard Dixon Museum, as well as on our Maynard Dixon web site. 

If you visit the Tucson Maynard Dixon Museum you will see original Dorothea Lange photographs, Maynard Dixon Depression and Social Realism paintings, and drawings.  Maynard Dixon’s easel and Buffalo skull are on permanent display.  Original Maynard Dixon paintings including the largest collection of Tucson Arizona Maynard Dixon oil paintings and drawings are on exhibit.  Maynard Dixon Mt Carmel Utah pieces including Mt. Carmel Utah letters are also on display.  Many of Maynard Dixon’s styles can be seen including impressionist as well as cubist style Dixon paintings.  Maynard Dixon Cloud paintings and Maynard Dixon figurative work are also found in the Tucson Maynard Dixon Museum. 

Presently on display at the Tucson Maynard Dixon Museum you can view more than 100 works by Maynard Dixon including oil paintings, original photographs of Maynard Dixon, Maynard Dixon poetry and Maynard Dixon Illustrations.  The Tucson Maynard Dixon Museum is always looking to acquire original works by Maynard Dixon including Maynard Dixon paintings, watercolors, pastels, drawings, ephemera, poetry, letters, books, and related works.

We are always happy to share our expertise about Maynard Dixon and Edith Hamlin.

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